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Dr Marilyn Godfrey  PhD MA DSHom

Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine
British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies
Graduate member of the NLP International Trainers Association
Department of Education & Science Teachers Registration Number 5360668

Marily GodfreyFormer International athlete, Dr Marilyn Godfrey is nicknamed 'Mrs Magic' for her transformational abilities in enabling people of all ages to change, attain peak performance and turn their lives around.

Using a variety of skills including Speech work, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Neurolinguistic    Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Trainer and University Lecturer Marilyn uses her tailored Synthesis to produce results quickly and gently.

Her belief that every problem is made better or worse by a combination of mental, emotional and physiological issues is borne out by the work of Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins and other lifestyle advisors.

40 Years of healing and change management:
In 1968 whilst training at Birmingham University in Dance and Physical Education, Marilyn undertook voluntary work with a Blind lady who taught English at a local secondary school. She was humbled by the ways that this lady overcame problems, adapted her ways of working and communicated. This began Marilyn’s lifelong interest in communication skills and peak performance.

She trained as a Teacher of the Deaf and Speech with Manchester University and the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf; joined the Society of Homeopaths; became a Registered Homeopath in 1999 and Acupuncturist shortly after that.

She was fortunate to train in Trigger Point Acupuncture for Pain Relief in 1995 with Dr John Reynolds, the Chairman of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and is a firm believer in its value in treating both chronic and acute pain as she used it for her mum’s chronic arthritis as well as for private clients.

In 1971, Marilyn visited the sacred places of the Australian Aborigines. Based at Mirikata and deep in the Australian desert, she was taken under the wing of Aborigines to learn something of their healing techniques, ability of intense focus, communication and the use of Bush medicines.

Upon returning to the UK to give birth to her first child, people that Marilyn had worked with in Australia sent a package to the hospital containing a 'thank you' gift in the form of 24 stones, a precious Opal from each person.

35 years ago, Marilyn traveled to Lapland in Northern Sweden and spent time with the Lap people. The local ‘white witch’, Edi Palovaara, embraced Marilyn, and amongst other things, it was Edi who taught Marilyn how to cross country ski - not very well it must be said!

Marilyn was based in Abisko and learnt to listen, respond to and respect nature and people. Additionally she worked as part of the Upper Atmospherics research of UCL team. She still maintains contact with research colleagues.

Research trips to the Northern Americas in 1972 saw Marilyn working alongside specialists with an interest in Shamanic and North American medicine. She has an insatiable appetite for finding solutions.

Marilyn went on to become lead officer for the development of Disability Sport for 16 years for the Sports Council for Wales with International liaison responsibilities. This began her interest in communication and miscommunication and fueled her later research work with Bosch and other Blue Chip companies 10 years ago Marilyn was called upon for her sports injury and trauma expertise by Red Bull, for whom Marilyn created the Red Bull Mind & Body Power Station for their leading portfolio of extreme sports events culminating in the Sky documentary ‘Absolute Adrenaline’.

Marilyn has lectured both in the UK and around the world for The British Council, Bermuda Olympic Committee, University of Wales, University of Wrexham and Anjum University in the UAE on a wide variety of issues dealing with health, communication and peak performance.  

Over the last 6 years she has been engaged in developing the highly successful Performance Programmes for Bosch and Continental-Teves. Other clients include the Red Bull Company, Welsh Assembly Government, Unltd and the Culture Group. This further informed her research work in the 'below conscious levels of communication'. Marilyn continues to work with individuals who need to raise their levels of performance in these challenging times, including Green Day, Simply Red and lead performers in London Musicals.

Additionally she has developed a unique, drug free and highly successful method of working with individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxieties, Depression and Communication issues- all of which serve to prevent people from reaching their potential. She calls this her ‘Synthesis’ and is currently delivering workshops and training others in her techniques.

This new process uses elements of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming and EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy).Clients include people adversely affected by high stress levels  and issues such as flash backs, nightmares and irrational fears as well as teams who need to perform at a  higher level in challenging business situations.

In addition to working with her private clients, Marilyn is currently researching and developing work in the use of language in conjunction with Cai Tomos, a well respected International Choreographer.& Dance Therapist.

Her visit to Shanghai in 2009 focused on how people address improving personal performance and effective communication both with Bosch Asia Pacific and the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Training Hospital.

In September 2010 she went to Australia to advise on new initiatives and training in Customer Services for a global Japanese company following her successful work for Bosch companies, this work is now ongoing.

Dr Marilyn Godfrey PhD MA DSH
Ass Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine
British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies.

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