Funding Information – Help is available for you.

I have contacted the Enhancing Leadership & Management Skills (ELMS) team in Wales to ask if they would be able to support this training with their funding. They have replied to say that they would be able to support my Leadership and Management Training courses.   
People and Businesses looking to access this training would then be able to apply for funding under their Workforce Development Programme to help with the cost.  The support is available from two different schemes, and I have included details of both of these below.

Please call the Business Skills Hotline on 0845 60 661 60 for advice and support in accessing funding under these schemes.

If you are being or have recently been made redundant, you can apply for ReAct funding to undertake my NLP at Work training to make sure you are focussed on working with change and developing your potential and personal performance in a time when this is crucial to your future. Details follow after the Workforce Development Programme information.

Workforce Development Programme

This scheme allows companies to access funding at a rate of 50% towards the cost of training for their workforce. The funding allocated is split into 2 categories (general funding and Leadership & Management funding).

The scheme is open to companies with 10 or more employees.

The process involves a Human Resource Development adviser being allocated to the business to assist in applying for the scheme and defining the training that the business wishes to access the funding for. Businesses then undertake the training, pay the full cost, and then claim the 50% contribution back by sending in evidence of payment for the course.

Companies are also able to use the support of the Human Resource Development adviser to achieve recognition under the Investors in People standard.

Within this scheme companies are not restricted in terms of the providers they can use. The only participant that is dictated by the Welsh Assembly Government is the Human Resource Development Adviser. The work that the adviser does with the company is paid for direct by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Workforce Development Programme - Direct

This scheme allows companies to access funding at a rate of 50% towards the cost of accredited training. The funding is split between the same two categories within the annual limits below;

  • Up to a maximum of £500 towards the cost of general training.
  • Up to a maximum of £2,000 towards the cost of Leadership & management training.

The scheme is open to companies that have less than 10 employees, or are already recognised under the Investors in People standard.

Under this scheme the company applies directly to us stating the detail of the training they wish to do (cost, training provider, timescale etc) and the benefit to their business. If the application is approved, the company is awarded funding and follow the same reimbursement process as the Workforce Development Programme.

Within this scheme companies are not restricted in terms of the training providers they can use.


ReAct is a Welsh Government scheme, which is aimed at providing free training for those facing redundancy in Wales.

The scheme helps people to upskill or retrain for a different career. If you or your employees are under the threat of redundancy, a Careers Wales Advisor will help determine what kind of training is suitable and then it is up to the individual to choose which training options to action and who they want to train with. So you ask specifically for my training and I will tailor it to suit your needs perfectly and provide follow-up support – a very important bonus!

You have 6 months from the day you were made redundant to apply, so contact your Careers office to check your eligibility – do it now! Peace of mind is good.


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