Client Comments & Travellers' Tales.

'Dr Marilyn Godfrey has provided invaluable help to Culture Group over the last four years, preparing staff for demanding situations; managing conflicts, combating stress and  improving performances for both themselves and the wider teams they deal with around the UK and overseas.

Culture Group is a specialist communications company, providing services to mix of blue-chip brands and charity clients ranging from Red Bull to The Princes' Trust. Our staff need to be able to meet the demands of communicating with everyone from Government Ministers to media personalities, sports people and community workers. Marilyn's tailored workshops and training have and will continue to be a vital asset in our operations.
I cannot recommend her highly enough and if I can provide any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.'

Yours sincerely
Glynn Pegler FMA Chief Executive of Culture Group Ltd
Director, UnLtd, The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

Dr Marilyn Godfrey –Bosch Trainer & Personal Performance Coach
It is 7 years since Bosch in the UK started working with Marilyn Godfrey to provide Executive Coaching and Training for key people. This has been a successful, ongoing initiative.

The results are transparent ranging from improvements in work quality, enhanced communications, improved assertiveness and confidence levels, all of which help to develop the individuals and the organisation.

Marilyn provides successful one-to-one coaching to address specific individual topics. The coaching process starts with a formal agreement in a focused development discussion between the Manager, employee and the HR Development Manager , in which the development needs of the individual are explored and the content and extent of the one-to-one coaching are agreed in overall terms. The coaching itself and one-to one discussions are treated as strictly confidential between Marilyn and coachee. One-to one coaching is normally chosen for key people needing help in specific individual topics, which can range from coping with stress, building self-confidence, assertiveness, presentation skills, dealing with emotions & conflict management.

Sue Todd H R Development Manager says, "Often more traditional training approaches become less value added as someone climbs up the career ladder. The people chosen to go into the program have already made a positive mark on the organisation and are left with one or two issues which appear to impede further progress. This is where the benefits of coaching really become powerful. The coaching remit is agreed in advance by all parties and then Marilyn gets to work in assisting individuals to move forward.

Colleagues who have received coaching have all remarked favourably about the outcomes and, just as importantly, their managers can also observe, hear and feel the difference! However, because change takes considerable practice, anyone who enters into coaching should not see it as an easy ride. It is often hard work but that which pays dividends.
Additionally Marilyn offers a wide range of training. Her specialty is to tailor training and workshops to the specific needs of the organization or an individual department. Her know how is specifically in the more "softer topics" like relationship building, customer satisfaction, efficient work relationships, intercultural training, motivation, conflict management.

Marilyn has also received training as a Bosch Moderator and conducted moderation workshops. This considerably enhances the effectiveness of the training and results. We have evidence that Marilyn is a cost effective, value added supplier .Bosch intends to continue with the coaching programme as a tried and tested development methodology which is complementary to its other methods of training and development and Marilyn's work has now been extended to encompass Bosch companies throughout the UK and Europe.
Brigitte Malige
Vice President Finance and Administration TTGB, WoP,CyP
TTGB/FC Finance and Administration Director
Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. TTGB/FC  Cotswold Way Warndon Worcester WR4 9SW www.bosch-thermotechnology.co.uk   Tel. +44 (0) 1905 752710 www.bosch.com

And individuals get help with serious issues too! ' Here are comments about her successful  new 'Synthesis' treatment..

'Dr M?  Here's what I think! I have had the great fortune of benefitting from the work of Dr Marilyn Godfrey, after I was referred to her by my current employer Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. I am a serving member of the Royal Air Force Reserves, and in 2007 I was mobilised in support of Operation Telic and sent to Basrah in Iraq for 4 months.
To say the experience was harrowing would be an understatement, and during my deployment I personally witnessed many traumatic events that have had a long lasting effect on me.

I don't think any amount of pre deployment training really prepares you for what lies ahead, suffice to say, that I did suffer from some post traumatic stress when I returned to my civilian occupation in October 2007. Fortunately, this was quickly diagnosed by my own GP, who prescribed medication, rest and an offer of a referral to local psychiatric help.
I think that the thought of there being more deserving cases deterred me from seeking psychiatric treatment, and on returning to work I was introduced to Dr Marilyn Godfrey. Dr M, as I affectionately refer to her, immediately set about establishing the root cause of my recent behaviour, which proved to be far more complex than was initially first thought.

On conclusion of the treatment, I felt a whole lot better in myself, had come to terms with my experience and in addition, also received the added bonus of gaining some useful tools in helping to boost my own level of confidence.

I cannot begin to tell just how much of a help this has been to me personally, and it is for this reason that I strongly recommend the services of Dr M..  
Jon Buckle
Development Technician (Gas) TT-WB/EAP1-Wo

'Hi Marilyn, I feel I'm doing well. My pain levels have been consistently lower for a week now. I am doing the Yoga Nidra tape every day and the neck stretches. Also taking your homeopathic pills. My mindfulness has greatly increased, and I try using some visualization as well as "mantras".

I am being realistic though that this may be little by little, or perhaps not!!
I feel now that I'm in the convalescent phase of this illness.' GW  Fibromyalgia patient

'I was in a good mood all weekend and eating well. It felt like a great weight off my shoulders'    BM Director & Board Member

'After all the problems of PTSD , stress & anger management I had a much better review this year. I think you would be proud of what I managed to do.'   
JB.  Senior Technician

'Thank you. You are worth your weight in (probably) Diamonds'.
Humankind Team. Red Bull Adrenaline Rush

'I am not afraid any more. It was all in my mind..'   
CR   Company Director & Entrepreneur

'Hello Marilyn    Mission accomplished :) I said "I didn't want to embarrass you but if you speak to me again like that I will raise a grievance." The reaction was "it wasn't that bad, you took offence" to which I calmly relied "yes it was" and shut up.

Not only that, I had to deal with another incident. I was enraged but managed to hold onto myself enough to calmly request that the individual resist the temptation to meddle in matters that don't concern them. They knew they'd done wrong and said "message received" as I closed the conversation.

Maybe one day it won't take me a week to get the nerve to appropriately stand up for myself!
Thank you for your advice.'    JM  Senior Manager

Dr Marilyn Godfrey PhD MA DSH
Ass Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine
British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies.

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